SWIR Digital Laser Vibrometers

flexible and mobile laser Vibrometer
laser vibrometer measurement heads
laser vibrometer long range measurement head
laser vibrometer measurement head drawing
laser vibrometer compact measurement head
Laser Vibrometer mini measurement head
laser vibrometer mini measurement head with camera and light

For special measurement environments

The FIBER Series is a further development of the NOVA Series in which the compact optical head is connected via fibre optics with the measuring instrument. Separate fibres for measurement beam and the reflected signal ensure optimum signal quality.

Compact measuring heads not only make the system especially suited for measurements in confined spaces but also simplify the handling if the application requires frequent repositioning. Special heads are available for vacuum or climatic chambers as well as for extreme radiation conditions.

In multiplex operation, multiple measuring heads are connected to a single instrument via a high-speed fibre-optic switch. This enables the monitoring of multiple measuring points with one vibrometer.

Characteristics - Dual Fiber Series Laser Vibrometer

  • Compact, flexible und robust sensing head
  • Exzellent signal level
  • Cable length flexible 2, 5, 20... Meters
  • Ethernet-Digital-Output (1 GBit) und with remote feature
  • 32 Bit Dynamik range for displacement measurements
  • Frequency bandwidths: DC to 10 MHz (Digital Real Time)
  • Vibrational velocities up to ±24,5 m/s
  • Displacement resolutions down to 50 Femtometer
  • Multiplex feature

Technical Specifications

A detailed list of all vibrometer characteristics, including all hardware and software features, can be found in the vibrometer data sheet in Support & Datasheets.

Category Characteristics
Laser source SWIR-Laser
Laser wavelength Measurement laser: 1550 nm
  Targeting laser: 510-530 nm
Laser class Measurement laser: output power: <10 mW, class 1
  Targeting laser: output power: <1 mW, class 2
Measured quantity Velocity, Displacement, Acceleration
Frequency bandwidths DC to 10 MHz
Max. vibrational velocity 24.5 m/s
Output signal (digital) GBit-Ethernet (RJ45) / WiFi
Output signal (analogue) 3 x Standard BNC Buchse
Signal processing Digital (OptoMET UltraDSP)
User interface output Color screen 3.5" + 20 segment LED bargraph
User interface input Touch screen, knobs with push-button, key switch (power)
Dimensions Length x width x height (excluding handle and lens): 380 x 180 x 148 mm
Weight 8 kg
Mounting Standard tripod screw thread
Power supply 110 -240V AC (50-60Hz) oder 12V DC
Power consumption 27 Watt
Operating temperature range 5°C to 40°C

Laser Vibrometer Measuring- & Data Acquisition Software

OptoGUI Software

OptoGUI is an extensive and intuitive software for remote control, data acquisition, and data analysis when working in single-point mode. Data transfer is realized via a loss-free digital Gigabit Ethernet connection. Click for detailed information about OptoGUI.

Available decoders

A wide variety of high-performance real-time decoders are available for the evaluation of the interferometric measuring signals. The OptoMET UltraDSP technology enables the measurement of frequencies up to 10 MHz and vibrational velocities up to 24.5 m/s with the Fiber-Series, displacements can be resolved to less than 100 fm. All vibrometers incorporate a velocity decoder, and displacement and acceleration decoders are optionally available. Numerous measuring ranges per decoder ensure that measurements can always be performed with the optimum sensitivity.

Decoders can be easily retrofitted or upgraded. Start with a basic system and adapt the capabilities of the measuring instrument as required. This requires no return of the instrument to the factory and no waiting times for your production or research project. The table below provides an overview of the configuration options. We will also be happy to assist you in the selection of the best decoder for your measuring task.


Decoder Name

Number of measuring ranges

Max. vibrational velocity




Velocity Decoder D-VD-1N


5 m/s

DC - 500 kHz



Displacement Decoder D-DD-1N






Acceleration Decoder D-AD-1N






Velocity Decoder D-VD-2N


5 m/s

DC - 1 MHz



Displacement Decoder D-DD-2N






Acceleration Decoder D-AD-2N





Sense Remote

Velocity Decoder D-VD-2N-R


5 m/s

DC - 25 kHz



Displacement Decoder D-DD-2N-R






Acceleration Decoder D-AD-2N-R





Sense Speed

Velocity Decoder D-VD-2N-121212 m/sDC - 1 MHz


 Displacement Decoder D-DD-2N-1219  


 Acceleration Decoder D-AD-2N-1212  


High Speed

Velocity Decoder D-VD-3N


24,5 m/s

DC - 2,5 MHz



Displacement Decoder D-DD-3N






Acceleration Decoder D-AD-3N






Velocity Decoder D-VD-4N


12 m/s

DC - 10 MHz



Displacement Decoder D-DD-4N






Acceleration Decoder D-AD-4N






Velocity Decoder D-VD-5N


24,5 m/s

DC- 10 MHz



Displacement Decoder D-DD-5N






Acceleration Decoder D-AD-5N





Available fiber heads

Several fiber heads are available which are optimized for the Fiber-Series. Choose the right optical system based on working distance, reflectivity of the surface to be measured, size of the focus point or measurement environment. 

The table below provides an overview of the configuration options. We will also be happy to assist you in the selection of the best fiber head for your measuring task.

Laser Vibrometer Mini Fiber Measurement Head

Miniature Fiber Head​​​​​​ with Camera

  • Dimension (D x L): 11 x 52 mm
  • Fix working distances: 4, 9, and 16 mm
Laser Vibrometer Compact Fiber Measurement Head

Compact Fiber Head​​​​​

  • Dimension (L x B x H): 89 x 43.9 x 95 mm
  • Fix working distances: 27, 37, 64, 89, 139, 189 mm
  • Focus spot size (typ.):

     -17 µm at 27 mm 
     -22 µm at 37 mm 
     -33 µm at 64 mm 
     -44 µm at 89 mm 
     -66 µm at 139 mm 
     -88 µm at 189 mm

Laser Vibrometer Manual Focus Fiber Measurement Head

Manual focus Fiber Head

  • Dimension (L x B x H): 157 x 43,9 x 95 mm
  • Manual focus 
  • Short-Range Version:

     -Working distance: 50 mm ... 5 m
     -Min. focus spot size (typical): 50 µm bei 55 mm

  • Mid-Range Version:

     -Working distance: 150 mm ... 10 m
     -Min. focus spot size (typical): 60 µm bei 150 mm

Laser Vibrometer Autofocus Mid-Range Fiber Measurement Head

Autofocus Mid-Range Fiber Head​​​​​​

  • Dimension (L x B x H): 175,5 x 43,9 x 95 mm
  • Autofocus, remote focus, manual focus
  • Working distance: 150 mm ... 10 m
  • Min. focus spot size (typ.) 60 µm at 150 mm
Laser Vibrometer Autofocus Long-Range Fiber Measurement Head

Autofocus Long-Range Fiber Head

  • Dimension (L x B x H): 221 x 43,9 x 95 mm
  • Autofocus, remote focus, manual focus
  • Working distance: 500 mm ... 100 m
  • Min. focus spot size(typ.): 170 µm bei 500 mm

Multiplex Fiberheads

The OptoMET Dual Fiber SWIR Vibrometer consists of a SWIR vibrometer and a flexible Dual-Fiber head. Using an additional fiber switch multiple fiber heads can be connected to the vibrometer, so you can multiplex many
different channels (2, 4, 8, 16, ...), the fiber switch comes with an electrical interface (Ethernet, USB, TTL, ...) and can be remotely operated by a PC.


Laser Vibrometer Transport Case

Single Point Vibrometer Transport Case

Stable and waterproof Peli case for safe keeping and transport of vibrometer.

External dimension (L x B x H): 61.9 x 49.2 x 22.3 cm

Laser Vibrometer Transport Bag

Transport Bag

Compact und light transport bag for the outdoors-measurements

Inrared Laser Light Detection Card

IR-Detector Card

Transforming the not-visible infrared light into a spot of visible light.

Powerbank Portable Laser Vibrometer

Mobile Battery

Portable battery charger, external battery power bank. For powering the vibrometer when performing outdoor measurements.

Transport Case Autofocus Fiber Head

Transport Case for Autofocus Fiber Head

Stable and waterproof transport case.

Transport Case Manual Focus Fiber Head

Tranport Case for Manual Focus Fiber Head

Stable and waterproof transport case.

Laser Vibrometer Tripod with Fluid Head

Tripod with Fluid Head 

Precisely align your vibrometer with high quality tripods by Manfrotto

Laser Vibrometer Measurement Head Positioning Stage

Positioning Stage

Precisely align your Fiber measurement head.

Multiple vibrometer fiber-heads measuring from different directions

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