Data acquisition, analysis & visualization.

full-field scanning vibration measurement software
pcb board vibration
smartphone display vibration
dental drill vibration

For Scanning Vibrometers

The data-acquisition software for scanning vibrometers presents the measurement results in an intuitive, graphically animated format. An interface enables the export of the measurement data into external software or the import of 3D geometry or FEM data.

Together with the OptoMET scanning vibrometers, the OptoSCAN software is the intuitive solution for non-contact vibration measurement, visualization and analysis.
You can use it to quickly and easily determine transfer functions, natural frequencies, operating deflection shapes (ODS) and eigenmodes.

Measurement data in the time and frequency domain is clearly represented as graphs, and modes are visualized by 3D animations.
Interfaces to external software permit easy data exchange e.g. with FEM applications, with MATLAB® or Siemens LMS TestLab®.


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