Symbol Single-Point Laser Vibrometer

Single-Point Laser Vibrometers

Aimed at a single point on a test object, the measurment beam of the Optomet laser Doppler vibrometer detects vibrations at the measurement point. Displacement, velocity and acceleration of the surface are measured collinear to the beam direction and up to 160 million times per second. This extremely high sampling rate enables high-precision measurements with resolutions of 0.05 pm/√hz, 1.7 nm/s/√hz and 1.8 µg/√hz.

The Optomet single-point vibrometers combine laser source, interferometer and digital signal processing in a single housing and thus represent the most compact laser Doppler vibrometer systems in their performance class. Operation is intuitive via a touch-screen display to change settings and ergonomic rotary knobs for selecting the measurement ranges on the back of the housing.

Optomet’s highly integrated UltraDSP signal processing delivers extremely low-noise measurement data that is output via a modern Ethernet interface. In combination with the OptoGUI software, the single-point vibrometers are a powerful vibration measurement system with a continuous digital signal chain from a single source, reducing sources for errors and uncertainties.

Simultaneously, separate BNC outputs are available for each measurement signal  which can be acquired by existing analog to digital data acquisition systems. Each vibrometer can be  configured with the most suitable optics and decoders for any given application.

Helium Neon Single-Point Laser Vibrometer

HeNe Laser Vibrometer: Vector-Series

The Optomet Vector-Series are highly accurate single-point vibrometers that utilize a helium neon visible laser source. These systems are ideal for all reflecting surfaces, for measurements through water and for microsystems.

Infrared Laser Vibrometer

SWIR Laser Vibrometer: Nova-Series

The Optomet Nova-Series vibrometers rely on a short-wave infrared laser source to produce maximum signal-to-noise ratio. These systems are necessary for measurements on dark or rough surfaces, biological tissue as well as long working distances.

Fiber Head Laser Vibrometer

Fibre-optic SWIR Laser Vibrometer: Fiber-Series

The Fiber-Series vibrometers are infrared laser based vibrometers with compact fibre-coupled measurement heads. Fiber-Series vibrometers are ideal for confined spaces, in climatic chambers or with extreme exposure to radiation.

High Dynamic Range Laser Vibrometry

Ein Laser Vibrometer im Einsatz, welcher eingeschaltet einen Grünen Laser erzeugt und auf einen Spiegel ausgerichtet ist, welcher diesen auf andere Objekte reflektiert.

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