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Acoustics and Ultrasonics

Laser Doppler vibrometers are indispensable tools for challenging work in the field of acoustics and ultrasonics. They visualize vibration directly at the source of sound generation: on a membrane or any other moving surface. Their non-contact measuring principle is precise, highly linear and free from influence.

Optomet laser vibrometers have proven their value in the development of loudspeaker systems, in the construction of musical instruments, the development of ultrasonic sensors, microphones, mobile phones and ultrasonic sonotrodes but also in the acoustic design of consumer goods, white goods, automotive and aircraft components or in the validation of FE models.

Musical Instrument Strings

Manufacturers of instrument strings study string dynamics to constantly improve designs to achieve better sound quality, durability and consumer preference.  In order to prevent mass loading string vibrations must be measured with a non-contact measurement system.  The mass loading effects of traditional sensors like accelerometers may change the dynamic response of measurement object.  In the case of strings, it is impossible to even attach contact sensors to strings.  Optomet’s SWIR Digital Laser Vibrometers allow string manufacturers to measure vibration levels, resonant frequencies, damping and the effects of material choices when improving their string designs.

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is a process for joining of thermoplastic and metallic materials by means of mechanical vibrations at frequencies of 20 kHz and more. The displacement amplitude in this process is typically in the two-digit micrometer range. Due to the relatively high frequencies, this results in vibration velocities of several meters per second. These high velocities in turn ensure the necessary energy input into the welding point. 

A laser Doppler vibrometer is an excellent solution for measuring and optimizing the complex welding process in all details. For example, a scanning laser vibrometer can measure and visualize the operating deflection shape of the sonotrode.  

For this purpose, Optomet LDVs combine highest displacement resolution (sub picometer) with high velocity reserves (up to 25 m/s) and an extremely high sampling rate (160 MSamples/s).

A laser vibrometer helps you develop efficient tools for ultrasonic processes, validate FE models, determine simulation parameters, align sonotrode and converter and carry out end-of line tests on your products or incoming tests on piezoceramics  and much more.

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