SMART Lab is a comprehensive software solution that combines precise vibration detection and analysis with intuitive operation.

Enhance your measurements


SMART Lab is an all-in-one software solution that enhances Optomet devices with precise vibration analysis and intuitive operation. It simplifies the measurement process and offers advanced tools for in-depth data analysis, ensuring accurate results.

One software for all devices

Use SMART Lab with any SMART series device to unlock its full potential. Synchronized data from different devices is processed simultaneously enabling unmatched flexibility for your measurement setups.

Measurements supported by 3D-Models

Simply measure complex structures with intelligent calibration and easy generation of measurement points. The fully-automated calibration process saves time and cost. Convincing vibration visualizations of complex structures result from the seamless animation of measured data on the 3D-Models.


Advanced acquisition and analysis

Time and frequency data can be analyzed simultaneously in real-time even while the measurement is still running. This allows you to verify settings early in the measurement process for faster and more reliable results.

Optimize your vibration analysis with SMART Lab software

SMART Lab is a powerful all-in-one software solution that perfectly complements all Optomet devices, creating a complete vibration measurement system. With a continuously digital signal path, SMART Lab enables seamless control, precise measurement, and insightful analysis of your vibration data. 

Designed to streamline the vibration measurement process, SMART Lab provides a user-friendly interface for effortless operation. Its intuitive controls allow for efficient data acquisition, ensuring accurate and reliable results. The software’s advanced analysis capabilities empower users to delve deep into the collected data. 

SMART Lab offers a wide range of analytical tools and visualizations, enabling thorough investigations of vibration patterns, resonances, and other crucial parameters. This comprehensive analysis enhances decision-making processes and facilitates effective troubleshooting. Experience the convenience and power of SMART Lab: the ultimate software for measurement, analysis, and remote control in vibration analysis.

Highlights of the SMART series

Lab in a device


Intuitive software

Integrated SMART system


Synchronized measurements

Versatile 7-inch touch display


Intelligent and compact device


Remote control of vibrometer settings, lasers and camera • Connect and control multiple vibrometers at once for reference, multipoint and 3D vibration measurements
Measurement setup • Live 4K video feed of all connected vibrometers
  • Automatic or manual calibration of laser movement with camera image
  • Select measurement areas based on the loaded 3D models and automatically generate mesh points
Data acquisition • Convenient access to all your data in a single software - from vibrometers to multiple reference sensors
  • Seamless switching between time and frequency-domain representation
  • Multi-channel arbitrary signal generator to generate predefined signals (sine, sine sweep, rectangle, random, etc.) or custom signals from imported .csv or .wav files
  • Real-time signal analysis and improvement based on speckle tracking and smart averaging
Measurement analysis • Calculation of various frequency functions: FRF, FFT, Auto-Spectrum, Cross-Spectrum, Coherence
  • 3D-animation of mode shapes at user-defined frequencies based on FRF and FFT data
  • Entirely customizable view options including color maps, viewing angles, texture surfaces, etc.
Data import and export • Multithreaded export of ODS data, time data, geometry data, all frequency functions, and data of reference channels to Universal File Format (.uff), to Hierarchical Data Format (.hdf5) and to MATLAB® file format (.mat)
  • Export animations of time data (wave-propagation) and selected mode-shapes as high resolution (up to 4K) video file

Software options

Geometry unit to measure the 3-dimensional geometry of your object and the absolute distance to the vibrometer O
Time domain analysis and animation to visualize the propagation of vibrations O
Modal analysis to gain insight in the dynamical properties of the device under test O
Basic software maintenance: 2 years of included software updates S
Extended software maintenance: 2 more years of software updates O