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Aerospace - Test & Development

In the aerospace industry, components made of lightweight and high-strength components must meet strict quality requirements. In order to increase safety while reducing fuel consumption, developers and test engineers need efficient and precise measurement technology. Optomet laser Doppler vibrometers perform reliable non-contact measurements without influence on the object and without the need to attach sensors, even under difficult conditions.

Jet engines

Jet engine manufacturers test fan blades to validate physical resonances and damping against analytical model predictions.  This is a critical step in product development to ensure blade resonances and engine resonances are not coupled which leads to premature failure.  Optomet’s Laser Doppler Vibrometers are ideal for measuring turbine blades, bladed disks and other engine components for all frequencies of interest without requiring any surface treatment.  Optomet Scanning Laser Vibrometer measurements can be made to provide customers deflection shapes of blades which can be analyzed to determine modal properties.

Aircraft wing

During flight operations at high speeds, the wings of aircraft are exposed to considerable vibration and deformation. Deformations can occur in a range between a few and a few hundred millimeters, whereas vibrations can range from nanometers to up to several hundred micrometers.

No conventional measuring instrument is able to cover such a measuring range of more than 160 dB in a single measurement. With the Optomet Nova Sense in connection with OptoGUI software, it is possible for the first time to measure the deformations and vibrations at the same time with a dynamic range of more than 220 dB. The superior performance of the Optomet Nova Sense has been confirmed by measurements on airfoil models in the wind tunnel.

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