Non-contact vibration measurement



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Optomet develops and manufactures digital laser Doppler vibrometers (LDV) in single-point, fiber and scanning versions. Laser Doppler vibrometers from Optomet are high-precision instruments for non-contact vibration measurements of individual points or entire surfaces. Whether measuring on highly or poorly reflective materials, microstructures to entire buildings – Optomet’s modular LDV systems are the ideal solution for almost any vibration measurement application.



Heterodyne interferometer

Digital signal processing

End-to-end digital workflow

Easy handling

Non-contact / Non-reactive

All-in-one design / Portable

GBit ethernet interfacing


Various objective lenses / Fiber heads

Flexible decoder system

Flexible connectivity

Single-Point Laser Doppler Vibrometer


Single-point vibrometers enable the quick and easy measurement of displacement, velocity and acceleration, each in the direction of the laser beam, for a single measurement position. Optomet offers the choice between the powerful systems with a short-wave infrared laser source (Short-Wavelength-Infrared; SWIR) and the conventional laser vibrometers with Helium-Neon (HeNe) lasers. The compact single-point systems are available both as free-beam vibrometers with interchangeable lenses and with specialized, fiber-coupled measuring heads.

Ein Vibrometer mit einem grauen Korpus und blauer Front. Zusätzlich ist an der blauen Front ein Objektiv montiert.


HeNe Laser Vibrometer

The Optomet Vector-Series are highly accurate single-point vibrometers that utilize a helium neon visible laser source. These systems are ideal for all reflecting surfaces, for measurements through water and for microsystems.


Unlock precise MEMS applications with an exceptional laser spot size of just 3 µm.


Detect distant vibrations up to 300 m with our precision-enhancing Extra-Large-Lens system!


Fiber-optic SWIR Laser Vibrometer

The Fiber-Series vibrometers are infrared laser based vibrometers with compact fibre-coupled measurement heads. Fiber-Series vibrometers are ideal for confined spaces, in climatic chambers or with extreme exposure to radiation.


Save time and costs with our flexible system that eliminates the need for constant repositioning.


Discover intriguing applications in medical technology with our innovative system.

Software for Single-Point Vibrometers

The OptoGUI software for single-point vibrometers enables remote control of the vibrometer as well as acquisition, analysis and export of the measurement data via Ethernet interface.


Remote Control, Data Acquisition, Visualization & Analysis

OptoSCAN is a comprehensive acquisition and analysis software for imaging vibration measurements with Optomet scanning laser Doppler vibrometers. Measurement results are presented clearly and animated. The measurement data can be exported for external processing.

Get to know our new SMART series!

The modularity of the SMART series is fundamentally about the easy connection of various vibrometers within this product line, allowing users to configure a customized vibration analysis system according to their specific needs. This flexibility enables users to precisely tailor their systems to their measurement requirements by combining and expanding components as needed. This concept of easy connectivity underscores Optomet's commitment to providing solutions that impress not only with precision but also with exceptional adaptability to the diverse and specific needs of users.