SMART Single+


Start SMART: Your clever entry into vibrometry, merging innovative technology with practical expertise for advanced measurement and data analysis.

SMART Single+: All-in-One Precision


The SMART Single+ combines a laser Doppler vibrometer, data acquisition system, and signal generator into one streamlined device, enhancing measurement efficiency and connectivity for engineers and researchers.

Determine the transfer function of the test object

The SMART Single+ laser Doppler vibrometer is ideal for determining the transfer function of test objects. This function is crucial for characterizing the dynamic properties of materials and components. The Single+ enables non-contact vibration analysis to analyze the vibrational behaviour of objects, which is vital for quality control and product development.

Extremely easy to handle: Class-leading performance per weight

Our SMART Single+ delivers outstanding performance at a minimal weight making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Its lightweight design allows for easy transportation and setup, saving time and enhancing efficiency in measurement tasks.


Integrated data visualization and analysis

This advanced device features integrated data visualization and analysis capabilities. Users can view and analyze measurement results directly on the device, without needing to export data for separate evaluation. This feature saves time and enables immediate assessment of measurement data, which is particularly useful for field applications.

Synchronized measurements

The SMART Single+ supports synchronized measurements, a key feature for complex analysis requirements. With this capability, users can capture multiple measurement points simultaneously, essential for accurately assessing the dynamic properties of test objects. This increases the accuracy and reliability of the collected data.


Unlock efficiency with SMART Single+: The ultimate lab device

As part of the groundbreaking SMART series, the SMART Single+ is so much more than a laser Doppler vibrometer – it’s a lab in a device. Besides highly precise and non-contact vibration measurements without any retroactivity, the SMART Single+ is a multi-channel synchronous data acquisition device with built-in arbitrary signal generator.

It helps engineers, researchers and students to streamline their measurement process, eliminating the need for separate DAQ solutions or signal generators. With modularity as part of its DNA, the Single+ forms an expandable vibration characterization system, precisely synchronizing with any other SMART series device.

Even on its own, it improves efficiency by providing faster, optimized signal processing, better connectivity with other equipment using WiFi, Bluetooth and USB and a versatile 7-inch touch display to change all settings on the go. The integration of all these features in a radically compact design, combined with an intuitive yet powerful all-in-one software solution make the SMART Single+ the ideal choice for engineering, development and research.



Civil engineering

Non-destructive testing and vibration analysis of bridges, buildings and railroads


Toolmaking and mechanical engineering

Achieve deep understanding of machine dynamics


Acoustics and ultrasonics

Optimize hearable and inaudible sounds with unheard-of precision

Highlights of the SMART series

Lab in a device


Intuitive software

Integrated SMART system


Synchronized measurements

Versatile 7-Inch Touch Display


Intelligent and compact device


General specifications

Measured quantities Velocity, displacement, acceleration
Max. frequency bandwidth DC to 50 MHz
Frequency range Can be chosen individually using a freely configurable band-pass filter for velocity, displacement an acceleration signal
Max. velocity 50 m/s
Measurement ranges Measurement range limits can be freely adjusted between
  • 1 mm/s and 50 m/s for velocity
  • 10 nm and 100 m for displacement
  • 10 m/s² and 100 Mio. m/s² for acceleration
Signal processing Digital (FPGA based)
Filter Low-pass and high-pass filters are defined by the selected frequency range
  Tracking filter: off / slow / fast
User interface 7” Full HD+ touchscreen with 1000 nits peak brightness
Operating temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Dimensions Length × width × height (excluding handle and lens): 288 × 136 × 198 mm
Weight ~ 4 kg + objective lens
Power supply 100 - 240 V AC (50-60 Hz) or 12 V DC
Portability Convenient all-in-one design for seamless portability and simple setup
Storage temperature -10 °C to 65 °C
Relative humidity Max. 80 %, non-condensing
Calibration interval Every 24 months (recommended)

Optical specifications

Working distances • Variable working distance from 6mm to 100 m
  • Choice of various lenses
Laser wavelength Measurement laser: 1550 nm, Target laser: 510-530 nm
Laser safety class • Measurement laser: output power: <10 mW, class 1
  • Target laser: output power: <1 mW, class 2
Optics Auto-, and manual focusing

Inputs and Outputs

1 Analog signal outputs (BNC)
2 LEMO signal inputs (12 Channels)
3 BNC HF signal inputs (up to 50 MHz)
4 Power button
5 Optical communication port
6 Ethernet port: for device communication/data
7 USB port (Type-C)
8 USB port (Type-A)
9 Power input
10 Ethernet port for device communication/data
11 Power output
12 GNSS antenna connector
13 Optical fiber connector (LC-Duplex)
14 Multi-purpose SMB ports

Software SMART Lab


Software features

Remote control of vibrometer settings and lasers • Connect and control multiple vibrometers at once for reference, multipoint and 3D vibration measurements
Data acquisition • Phase correct acquisition of vibrometer signal and reference channels
  • Convenient access to all your data in a single software - from vibrometers to multiple reference sensors
  • Live view of measured time data
  • Multi-channel arbitrary signal generator to generate predefined signals (sine, sine sweep, rectangle, random, etc.) or custom signals from imported .csv or .wav files
Measurement analysis • Real-time Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for responsive data analysis
  • Frequency domain representation with up to 536 Mio FFT lines
  • Phase correct calculation of the frequency response function (FRF)
  • Live Spectrogram of the ongoing measurements FFT’s
Data import and export • Export time and frequency data to .csv, .h5, or .mat files
  • Export time data as .wav audio file
  • Save projects to and load projects from the native file format

Configurable options


Frequency options

Basis Measure frequencies up to 250 kHz, covering the entire acoustic range and beyond S
High frequency Measure frequencies up to 5 MHz O
Master Measure frequencies up to 10 MHz O
Ultra Measure frequencies up to 25 MHz O
Elite Measure frequencies up to 50 MHz to the limit of what is technologically feasible O
Frequency upgrade M Upgrade the frequency limitation of any option by 500 kHz O
Frequency upgrade L Upgrade the frequency limitation of any option by 1 MHz O
Frequency upgrade XL Upgrade the frequency limitation of any option by 5 MHz O

Velocity options

Basis Continuously adjust the velocity measurement range between 10 mm/s and 15 m/s S
High Speed Measure velocities up to 25 m/s O
Master Measure velocities up to 50 m/s O
Ultra Measure velocities up to 50 m/s and get access to the high resolution upgrade with the smallest velocity measurement range of 1 mm/s O
High resolution upgrade Smallest velocity measurement range 1 mm/s O
Velocity upgrade M Increase the maximum velocity of any velocity option by 2.5 m/s O

Measurement quantities

Velocity Measure vibrational velocities S
Displacement Measure vibrational displacements with continuously adjustable ranges from 10 nm to 100 m O
Acceleration Measure vibrational accelerations with continuously adjustable ranges from 10 m/s² to 100 Mio. m/s² O



Stable and waterproof Peli case for safe storage and transport of vibrometers

Transport case (S)

• Stable and waterproof Peli case for safe storage and transport of vibrometer
• External dimensions (L x W x H): 62 x 49 x 22 cm

Compact and light transport bag for outdoor measurements

Transport bag (O)

Compact and light transport bag for outdoor measurements

Precisely align your vibrometer with high-quality tripods by Manfrotto

Tripod with fluid head (O)

Precisely align your vibrometer with high-quality tripods by Manfrotto

Transforming the invisible infrared light into a spot of visible light

IR-detector card (S)

Transforming the invisible infrared light into a spot of visible light