vibration drill machine

Toolmaking and Mechanical Engineering

In order to acquire the dynamic behavior of different kinds of machinery and equipment, Optomet laser Doppler vibrometers are the perfect measurement tools because they are flexible enough to measure all types of vibrations quickly and without contact even over long distances, rotating parts or glowing surfaces. Manufacturers from many industries with different products (from drilling machines to power plant generators) rely on Optomet.

Operating deflection shape analysis of machines and equipment

The operating deflection shape analysis determines the vibration behavior of an object in a specific operating state. In contrast to the modal analysis, it requires no active external vibration excitation e.g. by means of a shaker. Typically, the excitation is operationally limited to certain frequency bands.

An Optomet scanning vibrometer can measure the operating deflection shapes of an object and display them in a graphically animated form by performing a large number of measurements at different points during operation. For this purpose, the laser Doppler vibrometer emits a laser beam which is guided by a mirror unit. Measured is the displacement or vibration velocity in the direction of the laser beam. An additional reference measurement ensures that the phase relationship to the individual points is retained. A typical measurement can include several hundred or up to several thousand measurement points. The combination of high spatial, amplitude and frequency resolution enables the users to understand the behavior of their machine/equipment in detail and to optimize it selectively and efficiently.

Non contact measurement on a rotating shaft

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