Optomet - Innovation of Vibrometry

Optomet is laser vibrometry for non-contact vibration measurement.

Combining state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated design in the development and manufacturing of laser Doppler vibrometers is our mission. The results are high-precision, user-friendly measurement devices with world class performance.

Using highly integrated UltraDSP signal processing and high-sensitivity laser measurement technology in a single enclosure, Optomet defines a new standard for high-performance laser Doppler vibrometers.

Optomet systems excel by a consistently digital workflow and can also be seamlessly integrated into existing analog data acquisition environments.

In its continued quest of the best possible solution for vibration measurement tasks, Optomet relies on continuous innovation and advancement in the science city of Darmstadt.

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Ein Laser Vibrometer im Einsatz, welcher eingeschaltet einen Grünen Laser erzeugt und auf einen Spiegel ausgerichtet ist, welcher diesen auf andere Objekte reflektiert.

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