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Electronics - Vibration of Components

Understanding and controlling the dynamic behavior of electronic parts, components, printed-circuit boards and modules is essential for high-performance and high-quality, safe and robust products. For example, tests using a shaker in combination with an Optomet laser Doppler vibrometer help detect weak points early to optimize products.

Printed-Circuit Boards (PCB)

A printed-circuit board carries electronic components and interconnects them over multiple circuit levels in some cases. If the PCB is exposed to dynamic loads, e.g. in an engine control unit, this mechanical stress can result in damage on components, the PCB or the solder joints and may even cause a total failure of the electronics.

With scanning laser Doppler vibrometers from Optomet, the operating deflection shapes (ODS) of the PCB and also of the individual components can be measured directly. This provides manufacturers with deep insight into the behavior of their products and enables them to optimize the design to avoid critical failures.   


Manufacturers of smartphones are systematically improving their products and are looking for new, innovative ideas. Laser vibrometers from Optomet help with the development of audio, camera or haptic solutions, with new ultrasonic fingerprint sensors or for using the display as a speaker. In manufacturing, Optomet laser vibrometers are permanently used to monitor ultrasonic welding and bonding processes or help with the set-up of machinery.

Totally indispensable are laser Doppler vibrometer also in product testing – after all, weaknesses must be identified before the device is produced in the millions.

Making electric shavers more effective and comfortable

Companies that design and manufacture consumer electronics are in a race to gain market share through superior product performance and a better customer experience.  Optomet Laser Doppler Vibrometry is an ideal non-contact measurement technique for characterizing vibrations of electric shavers.  Manufacturers use this vibration data to optimize the performance and comfort of their shavers.  Measurements are made on individual blades and grip areas where the shavers are held.  Additionally, manufacturers can investigate how the various battery powers effect the movement on the blades of the skin.  These measurements would not be possible without a non-contact technique and offers manufacturers great insight into the operation of their devices which allows them to design more effective and competitive products.

OLED Displays

OLED displays have a considerably simplified layer structure than LCD displays. Due to the elimination of background lighting, polarization films, filters etc., the actual display becomes so thin that it can be easily caused to vibrate by means of actuators installed behind it so that it can also serve as a speaker membrane. This improves the listening experience with TVs and permits an enlargement of the display on smartphones because the earphone is eliminated.  Optomet Laser Vibrometers are used to characterize display vibrations to improve designs and performance.

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