Laser Vibrometer Support

Support - Datasheets & Hardware Maintenance

The measuring instruments built by Optomet have a low-maintenance design. However, these instruments are exposed to changing external influences in daily operations.

We support you with our service for the maintenance, calibration, repair and cleaning of the optical components to keep the instruments in good working order at all times.



Optomet laser Doppler vibrometers are supplied with a precise hardware and optics calibration as standard. Under normal conditions of use, recalibration following a fixed schedule is not required. If desired, we perform factory calibration or certified DAkkS calibration on a per-case basis or within a maintenance schedule.



The measuring instruments built by Optomet and all installed hardware parts are designed for low maintenance. However, the instruments are exposed to changing external influences during their daily use. We recommend a regular maintenance of your Optomet laser Doppler vibrometer in order to ensure its consistently high quality and reliability. We suggest a maintenance schedule that is perfectly tuned to your measuring instrument and its conditions of use.



Should a defect or damage occur to your Optomet laser Doppler vibrometer, the Optomet Service Team is available for fast, competent repairs. All repairs carried out by Optomet come with a 12-month warranty.



If there are any questions regarding applications or functionalities of our single-point or scanning vibrometers, do not hesitate to contact us. We demonstrate our vibrometer systems via video meeting or perform trial measurements relevant for your measurement task.

Laser Vibrometer Data Sheets

SWIR Measurement Laser

HeNe Measurement Laser

Decoder Data Sheets

Ein Laser Vibrometer im Einsatz, welcher eingeschaltet einen Grünen Laser erzeugt und auf einen Spiegel ausgerichtet ist, welcher diesen auf andere Objekte reflektiert.

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