SMART Series

One generation. Unlimited possibilities.

Explore the Modular SMART Series for Customized Vibrometer Systems

The modularity of the SMART series is fundamentally about the easy connection of various vibrometers within this product line, allowing users to configure a customized vibration analysis system according to their specific needs. This flexibility enables users to precisely tailor their systems to their measurement requirements by combining and expanding components as needed. This concept of easy connectivity underscores Optomet's commitment to providing solutions that impress not only with precision but also with exceptional adaptability to the diverse and specific needs of users.

Lab in a Device


Our innovative device embodies the concept of "Lab in a Device," revolutionizing how measurements in laser vibrometry are conducted. Much like a smartphone consolidates multiple everyday devices into one, our product combines functionalities that previously required several specialized devices. This integrative approach allows our users to work more compactly and efficiently without compromising performance or precision. With our all-in-one device, you can reduce the complexity of your equipment while enhancing the quality and versatility of your measurement applications.

System Concept


The "System Concept" plays a central role in the development of our devices. By intelligently connecting individual components, a synergistic system emerges that exponentially expands the possibilities of laser vibrometry. This networking enables seamless communication between devices, allowing for more complex and comprehensive analyses without additional manual effort. The integrated system approach significantly increases efficiency and effectiveness in all measurement procedures, making our technology particularly valuable for research and industry.



The intelligence of our devices defines what modern laser vibrometry can achieve. Our devices are equipped with advanced features such as 3D calibration, adaptive filters, and automatic synchronization, designed to simplify operation and maximize measurement accuracy. Adaptive filters automatically optimize signal quality by reducing speckle effects and noise, for example. Automatic synchronization of devices and the self-adjusting measurement range relieve the user from routine setup tasks, allowing them to focus on actual data analysis. These intelligent features ensure that even complex measurements yield the best possible results.

New dimensions of measurement accuracy and user-friendliness

The SMART series impresses with a versatile 7-inch touch display, enabling in-depth analysis of measurements, configuration of the vibrometer, and interactive training. Extensive connectivity options, along with advanced data acquisition functions and intuitive software, offer users unprecedented flexibility and an optimal user experience.


Lab in a device


Intuitive software

Integrated SMART system


Synchronized measurements

Versatile 7-Inch Touch Display


Intelligent and compact device


Software SMART Lab


SMART Lab is a comprehensive software solution that combines precise vibration detection and analysis with intuitive operation.

Lighter, smaller, faster

The new devices have also been improved in their handling: With a significant reduction in size by 30% and weight by 40% compared to previous models, the product line redefines mobility and user-friendliness. This optimization in handling makes the SMART series the ideal companion for precise vibration measurements both in the laboratory and on the go. The weight and compactness of the new devices facilitate transport and setup, without compromising on measurement quality. This also increases efficiency and speed in conducting vibration measurements. Improved signal processing ensures precise capture of vibration data, which enhances the reliability of the measurement results and forms the basis for informed decisions and analyses.

Comprehensive connectivity and functionality

With enhanced connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, USB) and functionality, the new product series takes vibration measurement to a new level. The devices offer various connections for data acquisition, signal generation, synchronization, and the connection of a fiber head for reference measurements. These features enable precise, flexible measurements – from stand-alone use of a vibrometer to synchronized setups. With advanced data acquisition and noiseless operation through passive cooling, the series meets diverse requirements. Users benefit from fast data transfer and seamless integration into existing systems, creating an optimal user experience.

Intuitive software

The new product line is distinguished by an intuitive all-in-one software solution designed for optimal flexibility and efficiency. It offers a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls for outstanding data capture and reliable results. With a variety of analysis functions, it supports comprehensive investigations of vibration behavior. Based on our experience, the software combines proven features with new technologies for improved performance and user-friendliness.