High performance data acquisition and signal generation system, fully synchronized with all other SMART devices, ensuring seamless integration and efficient, real-time data analysis.

Improved data acquisition


The SMART DAQ captures high-frequency signals up to 50 MHz and seamlessly synchronizes with other SMART devices for a scalable data analysis solution. It combines powerful signal processing and intuitive software with versatile connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB.

Compact 3 in 1 solution

The SMART DAQ combines the features of three formerly separate devices: a DAQ box, an oscilloscope and a signal generator. On 16 channels, it can record data with high-dynamic range or high frequencies up to 50 MHz with the ability to generate up to 8 arbitrary functions.

Seamless experience

On up to 16 channels, a wide variety of sensors can be connected to the SMART DAQ, including temperature, force, acceleration and pressure sensors with both, support for IEPE and without. The synchronized data is seamlessly available in the SMART Lab software for analysis.


Maximize efficiency in data acquisition with SMART DAQ

Data acquisition at your fingertips – the SMART DAQ is just that and so much more. With the ability to capture multiple high-frequency signals with up to 50 MHz and the integrated arbitrary signal generator it simplifies life.

As part of the groundbreaking SMART series it seamlessly synchronizes with any other SMART device forming an extendable all-in-one solution to elevate your research, development and testing with highly accurate and diverse data. Be it our SMART laser doppler vibrometers for precise non-contact vibration measurements or more SMART DAQs – all data is easily recorded with our intuitive yet powerful software offering versatile data analysis.

By combining excellent signal processing with great connectivity using WiFi, Bluetooth and USB as well a versatile touch display, the SMART DAQ is the high-end data acquisition solution for researchers, developers, and scientists alike. Elevate your measurements.

Highlights of the SMART series

Lab in a device


Intuitive software

Integrated SMART system


Synchronized measurements

Versatile 7-Inch Touch Display


Intelligent and compact device


General specifications

Max. frequency bandwidth DC to 50 MHz
Signal processing Digital (FPGA based)
User interface 7” Full HD+ touchscreen with 1000 nits peak brightness
Operating temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Dimensions Length × width × height (excluding handle): 147 × 270 × 95 mm
Weight ~ 2.5 kg
Power supply 100 - 240 V AC (50-60 Hz) or 12 V DC
Portability Convenient all-in-one design for seamless portability and simple setup
Storage temperature -10 °C to 65 °C


Analog IN 12 Lemo, ± 1 V / ± 10 V Synchronous recording of reference signals with 24 bits precision and up to 1.5 MSPS. IEPE, TEDS and DC/AC coupling
HF Analog IN 4 BNC, ± 1 V Synchronously record reference signals up to 50 MHz with 14 bits precision and ultra-high sample rates of 312.5 MSPS
Analog OUT 8 BNC, ± 2 V Signal generator output with 16 bits precision and up to 312.5 MSPS
Digital IN 3 SMB Enables external triggering of the device or PPS
Digital OUT 3 SMB Trigger external devices or use as PPS
Digital interface 3 • 10 Gbit/s ethernet • Stream the measurement data over ethernet with up to 312.5 MSPS and remote control the SMART DAQ
    • 1 Gbit/s ethernet • Use the SMART DAQ as a control hub for your ethernet-based equipment
    • Fiber optical or copper • Synchronize the SMART DAQ with other SMART series devices
Synchronization (optional) 6 SMB 10 MHz output and 10 MHz input for synchronization with other devices + 2 x PPS output and 2 x PPS input

Inputs and Outputs

1 Analog signal outputs (BNC)
2 LEMO signal inputs (12 Channels)
3 BNC HF signal inputs (up to 50 MHz)
4 Multi-purpose SMB ports
5 Multi-purpose SMB ports
6 Loudspeaker
7 GNSS antenna connector
8 USB port (Type-A)
9 Ethernet port for device communication/data
10 Optical fiber connector (LC-Duplex)
11 Ethernet port for device communication/data
12 Power button
13 Power input
14 USB port (Type-C)

Software SMART Lab


Software features

Remote control • All DAQ settings via a single ethernet connection
  • Multiple SMART devices at once for reference, multipoint and 3D vibration measurements
Data acquisition • Convenient access to all your data in a single software - from vibrometers to multiple reference sensors
  • Multi-channel arbitrary signal generator to generate predefined signals (sine, sine sweep, rectangle, random, etc.) or custom signals from imported .csv or .wav files
  • Phase correct and fully-synchronized reference data acquisition
Measurement analysis • Real-time Fast Fourier Transform for responsive data analysis
  • Frequency domain representation with up to 536 Mio FFT lines
  • Phase correct calculation of the frequency response function (FRF)
  • Live Spectrogram of the ongoing measurements FFT’s
Data import and export • Export time and frequency data to .csv, .h5, or .mat files
  • Export time data as .wav audio file
  • Save projects to and load projects from the native file format