OptoGUI: Data acquisition, analysis & remote control

Vibration measurement software
Laser Vibrometer digital connection to PC
Laser Vibrometer Ethernet connection
Laser Vibrometer Ethernet digital connection

Digital laser vibrometer measurement software

The OptoGUI measurement, analysis and remote control software is designed for the optimum use of the Optomet laser Doppler vibrometers in a consistently digital workflow. Via the Gigabit Ethernet interface, your measurement data reach your PC in the highest quality and without analog detours.

For single-point vibrometers

The OptoGUI software for single-point vibrometers communicates with the measuring instrument via the Ethernet interface. It enables the remote control of the vibrometer and the acquisition, analysis, and export of the measurement data. 

OptoGUI can also operate with scanning vibrometers and provides the full single-point functionality to your scanning laser vibrometer. OptoGUI and the scanning software OptoSCAN can be used at the same times without any difficulty.

Features vibrometer software

OptoGUI enables the complete remote control of the measuring instrument. Measurement data are continuously acquired and visualized. Extensive measurement functions enable an accurate and comfortable evaluation of the measurement data.

  • Time data via Ethernet: Live and simultaneous animation of velocity, displacement, and acceleration data read-out via ethernet with up to 80 MS/s.

  • Time data export: Data can be exported as .csv, .h5, and .mat files.

  • Audio-file export: Time data can be exported as .wav audio file

  • Live FFT: Live fourier transformation (FFT) of time data and presentation in the frequency spectrum. Live FFT calculation can be performed with up to 8 Mio. FFT lines.

  • Waterfall diagram of FFT: A waterfall diagram of the FFT shows the time evolution of the frequency spectrum.

  • Peak identification: Automatic identification of signal peaks in the frequency spectrum.

  • External and internal trigger: Trigger measurements with the velocity, displacement, or acceleration signal or with an external TTL signal.

  • Multiple traces: Record and recall multiple traces of all measured quantities.

  • Arbitrary signal generator: Digital signal generator with pre-defined functions like Sin, Rectangle, Sweep, ... and arbitrary function generation via .csv ASCII- or .wav audio file import. Signal output via +/-2 V BNC.

  • Easy use: OptoGUI is platform-independent and requires no installation. The software operation is easy and intiutive. Directly start with your measurement!

OptoMET Laser Doppler Vibrometer - High Dynamic Range

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