Vibration analysis software for SPV

OptoGUI: Software for Single-Point Vibrometers


Efficiency and precision with OptoGUI

OptoGUI is the measurement, analysis and remote control software for the Optomet single-point vibrometer and complements it to form a complete system from a single source with a continuous digital signal path.

Vibrometer remote control

The vibrometer settings are read out and set by the software. Optional components such as the signal generator can also be controlled.

Data acquisition

The software receives the measurement data via the Gigabit Ethernet interface with up to 32-bit resolution and displays deflection, speed and acceleration over time. Measurements can be triggered with the recorded data or an external signal.

Display and evaluation

Cursor and zoom functions make it easier to analyze the measurement data. The frequency display shows the spectrum of the measurement with up to 8 million lines; frequency peaks can be automatically searched for and identified. The frequency content over time is displayed as a spectrogram.

Data export

The measurement data can be saved in numerous standard file formats as text or binary data for further processing. Output as an audio file is also possible. The analog signal is output in parallel with the digital transmission.

Intuitive and high-performance

The software is intuitive and easy to use, even for first-time users. OptoGUI runs efficiently and platform-independently on standard PC hardware, requiring neither special drivers nor installation.


Optomet Laser Doppler Vibrometer - High Dynamic Range

Ein Laser Vibrometer im Einsatz, welcher eingeschaltet einen Grünen Laser erzeugt und auf einen Spiegel ausgerichtet ist, welcher diesen auf andere Objekte reflektiert.

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